The Nation’s Largest Organization of Certified Golf Teaching Professionals

The United States Golf Teachers Federation® trains and certifies golf teaching professionals. Established in 1989, it is the largest national organization of certified golf teaching professionals in the world.

The USGTF educational theme is that of progressive learning. We incorporate three levels of certification for the golf teaching professional. You may select one of the first two levels of certification in order to progress comfortably at your own pace (the third level is reserved for fully-certified USGTF members). We offer an online option (Associate Member) or a five-day onsite option (Certified Golf Teaching Professional®).

Golf Teaching Pro® Magazine

Golf Teaching Pro is a professional magazine that keeps the members of the United States Golf Teachers Federation informed on the latest up-to-date teaching methodology, member benefits, tournament information and ongoing education. It is the official international member publication of the World Golf Teachers Federation and is distributed to all member nations and translated into many languages.

The publication circulation exceeds 25,000 each issue. For information on advertising, please click here.

Celebrating 27 Years of Great Smiles!

USGTF Ambassador, Wayne Player

Continuing Education

Courses available to members and non-members brought to you by the USGTF

The World Golf Coaches Alliance is the official coaches division of the USGTF. The WGCA defines the difference between a golf teacher and a golf coach as  “a golf teacher helps golfers with the mechanics of the golf swing, and a golf coach helps those who compete at golf.”  This online course includes instruction on coaching at the high school and collegiate level, coaching at the professional and national team level as well as golf psychology and sports psychology in general, education on mental toughness, nutrition, biomechanics and more.

The United States Golf Managers Association trains and certifies golf club managers. We offer instructional videos on every aspect of  golf club management which were created by golf club managers who specialize in all subjects. This common sense approach to learning is popular because so many of our participants already have a wealth of knowledge from other areas of life and business.

Today’s golf coaches and teachers need to know more than just how to find swing flaws and fix them. A complete holistic approach to the game is necessary for the modern serious competitor, which includes staying healthy and performing physically at an optimum level. With this in mind, the USGTF is proud to introduce the Golf Fitness & Nutrition Association.

The golf psychology certification course of the International Golf Psychology Association. This knowledge will allow you to play your best under pressure. After completing this course, you will be able to take your best swings from the range to the golf course and become the player you always wanted to be. Also, once you complete this course, you will be certified as a mental game coach and a golf psychology expert endorsed by the IGPA.