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USGTF Level III Member, Bella Vista, Arkansas

Steve Johnson was certified as a Level III USGTF instructor in 1998. He has lived in Bella Vista, Arkansas, since 2001, and in addition to teaching America’s Favorite Golf Schools, he has established a teaching business called Intense Golf Instruction.

Steve has a specifically-designed economical structure that allows one to teach year round. To see more, please check www.intensegolfinstruction.net. These structures have been previously advertised in Golf Teaching Pro magazine. Steve’s innovative method involves 10- and 20-minute lessons with packages available. The approach emphasizes the student’s setup, the rotation and weight shift, and the finish of the golf swing. The key to the method once the setup has been established involves the front knee initiating the swing. Students are able to pick up on this method very quickly.

One of the newest additions to Intense Golf Instruction is Tai Chi Golf. Using the concepts of Tai Chi, along with proven methods to achieve a good golf swing, students are taught how to improve consistency, balance, and power. This entire approach will improve the students’ games, help protect them from golf injuries, and improve their attitudes in handling life’s  difficulties. For more information, contact Steve at 479-381-4944 or e-mail at johnson1946@cox.net.

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