By: USGTF Technical Committee

Launch monitors seem to be everywhere, from PGA Tour driving ranges to lesson tees. Video has also been a mainstay of instruction for almost four decades, and combined with launch monitors, it seems almost no stone is unturned in diagnosing a student’s problem.

Yet, there are still old-school teachers who do not use any technology at all, instead relying on their eyes and experience to guide their instruction. And that brings us to the question, how much technology should be incorporated into the modern lesson? The obvious answer is as much as necessary in order to see and measure progress. The benefits of a launch monitor such as the GC Quad or TrackMan enable the teacher to tangibly measure any progress. For example, if a student started out with a swing path that is 10° degrees outside-in, progress (or lack thereof) can be accurately measured with a launch monitor. This has a two-fold benefit: The teacher can see if their instruction is working, and the student can glean confidence that they are making progress.

Video systems are far easier to use nowadays, as iPads are frequently used by many teachers, along with video setups such as the V1. Video can literally be taken easily for every swing during a lesson, but this is obviously not necessary. But enough video should be taken so that, like the launch monitor data, progress can be measured, this time visually. There are also pressure mats that measure how much weight a golfer is putting on each foot throughout various points in the swing, and the K-Vest which measures and analyzes a student’s swing movements and positions. Teachers who are not using modern technology risk being left behind by their more tech-savvy colleagues. Going forward into the 21st century, technology on the lesson tee will only become more ubiquitous.

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