As we get ready for the spring season, I think now is the time to start working on your swing and getting your lesson plans prepared to start teaching golf. Over the last few weeks, my attention has been placed on the secrets of developing more distance and power in the golf swing. Ever since I started playing golf, I have been able to hit the ball a long way. People have always asked me how I do it.  For the longest time, my response was simple – swing hard!  Now, that I am a little older, I don’t have the same speed that I had in my 20s and 30s, but I still hit the ball a long way, so I decided to start writing about getting more distance. There are three things that you have to do if you want to get more distance: #1 – You have to optimize your equipment.  If you have not been fit or tested with your driver, you should.  You have to be able to optimize your swing data with all your clubs.  There is a simple formula for distance: Increase ball speed, find your proper launch angle, and lower your spin rate.  If you are not optimizing these important factors, you are giving up distance. #2 – You have to have good technique and be physically fit for golf. If you have swing flaws, if you can’t deliver the club into impact on the correct path with the proper face position, you are giving up distance.  With technique, there is also an element of strength and flexibility.  If you can’t do a push-up or touch your toes, you are definitely not going to hit the ball father.   Take a good look at your swing. If you have flaws, seek help. Take a good look at your body. If you are not flexible and you do nothing for exercise, then you are giving up distance, so find a gym and/or a golf exercise program. You won’t believe how quickly you will see results. 3# – You have to learn to trust speed.  No player, that hits the ball a long way is worried about where the ball is going.  Look at John Daly, who lives by the motto “grip it and rip it.” You have to trust your speed and learn how to play with speed.  You have to get out and practice and play with speed. Try to turn up it up while maintaining form and technique.   Ever seen the movie Happy Gilmore?  You have to push yourself to swing as hard as you can without losing your balance, and then find the effort that allows you to hit the ball in play but sill pushing your self to swing faster. I am looking to hear your comments.  You can post your comments or questions on my BLOG at Arlen Bento Jr. is an award-winning golf professional, golf business owner, golf instructor and golf coach. He is the former head golf professional at PGA Country Club at PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, Florida, and former director of golf at Eagle Marsh Golf Club in Jensen Beach, Florida, and is a USGTF Master Teaching Professional. He currently lives in Jensen Beach and can be reached via his business website at <>  or via facebook at <>
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