The USGTF’s official golf training aid, the SwingRite®, has long been an extremely effective tool for teaching professionals and players alike, and with the new, improved SwingRite you can also find your swing speed. It’s perfect for men, women, and juniors of all levels, and it lets you work, reinforce, and improve four of the most essential parts of the golf swing: tempo, swing speed, hand release, and grip. Most importantly, you’ll find out when and where you’re releasing your clubhead for accurate shots. For information on the SwingRite, please visit, or for member pricing, call 866-660-7387.   GolfGym® PowerSwing Trainer, the official fitness training aid of the World Golf Coaches Alliance, is now available to all USGTF members.  Units come pre-packed in light, medium, or heavy resistance.  Also included are the instructional guide and zippered nylon carry bag.  Users can feel a one-piece takeaway, the proper lag position, and a strong follow through.  It can be used as an evaluation tool and is ideal for every student. USGTF members may purchase a PowerSwing Trainer Instructional Pack for personal use for $17.50 plus shipping, and Student Packages can be purchased for $21.  If three Student Packages are purchases, the Instructional Pack is free.  For more information and/or to order, please contact, or call 1-877-4GolfGym (1-877-446-5349), and have your member number ready.   The Dream Swing® has also been associated with the USGTF for years, and has proven to be a popular item.  Since the golf swing is a feel motion, you learn the feeling of a motion by repeating it. The Dream Swing allows the golf club to swing on the perfect swing plane. It is the best training aid on the market to correct over-the-top golf swings.  For more information, please visit, or call 800-532-4542.   The Swing Speed Radar allows you to measure the clubhead speed and swing tempo and of your students. This is information that your clients will appreciate. Teaching professionals can buy the product at wholesale and sell it at retail. 1-888-542-9246,  
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