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Heavy Matters: Swingweight

When it comes to clubfitting and club building, swingweight is one of the most enduring aspects of having a consistent

Patching Up A Slice

It’s the bane of many golfers worldwide, and one that frustrates them to no end the dreaded slice.  On courses

Awareness: The Key To Improvement

There is a saying in golf that “feel isn’t real.” What people mean by this is that often, what a

To Edinburgh and Back

To Edinburgh and Back

Making Sense of Modern Wedge Design

Years ago, picking a wedge was simple. In addition to your normal iron set, usually 3-PW, you would buy a

The New Fundamentals of Teaching The Driver

Okay, so in full disclosure, these fundamentals may not exactly be new, but hey, this catchy headline grabbed your attention,

Clubface Contact, The “Forgotten” Aspect of the Ball Flight Laws

Clubface Contact. The “Forgotten” Aspect of the Ball Flight Laws

Who Is In Your Shadow?

By Norm Crerar, USGTF Contributing Writer, Vernon, British Columbia I am going to receive a medal. Word came via a

To Be Truly Successful, You Need Grit

By Dr. Michelle Cleere USGTF Contributing Writer Oakland, California The definition of grit is as follows: “courage and resolve; strength

Looking Back

By Mike Levine, USGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional Port St. Lucie, Florida Editor’s note: This is another in our series

Golf’s Quiet Victories

Dustin Johnson makes a winning putt, and all the world knows about it. The same goes for Jordan Spieth, Phil

A Puzzle for the Teacher

By Mark Harman USGTF Course Director Ridgeland, South Carolina Let me give you a little background about myself. I’ve been

Target Marketing: Enhancing Your Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

By Jill J. Johnson, USGTF Contributing Writer Minneapolis, Minnesota Your customers can be grouped according to a variety of different

Tools To Grow The Game

By Dane Wiren and John Leighton, GOLF AROUND THE WORLD – You can follow them on Instagram @GolfTrainingAids The

Thirty Years of Constant Change

There’s an old saying, “The more things change, the more things stay the same.” That applies to the golf industry

The Three Swings of Wright Balance: Which One Are You?

By Dr. David Wright USGTF Contributing Writer, Oakland, California Our 25 years of research has yielded the following: In summary, we

Little Things Lead to Big Scores

If you ask golfers what you need to do to shoot low scores, they probably would say things like hit


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