Fulfilling the minimum requirements of a golf club manager is not nearly enough these days, especially if you want to rise in the industry. Here are a few strategies for distinguishing yourself in the golf management industry: • Think like an owner. Many golf club managers are tempted to say, “That’s not my job.” They might be right, but the best club managers—the ones who survive layoffs and continue in the industry—thrive on additional responsibilities. • Beat deadlines. Most club managers settle for accomplishing certain goals by the assigned time. Accomplishing results ahead of schedule will enhance their value at the golf club facility. • Help others. Great golf club managers encourage employees to think independently—to find solutions to daily problems that occur and to learn from their mistakes. • Pass on information. Be a conduit for helpful ideas and important updates. The entire staff should be privy to golf club news. • Adapt and learn. Move quickly to master new technology—don’t be afraid of changes. Top golf club managers come up with new ways to use new technology.
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