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Golf Shop Assistants

  • Promotion of the game of golf and Pretty Lake Golf Club.
  • Enthusiastic friendliness, making all members and guests feel welcome and helping to assure their enjoyment of the facility.
  • Management of the counter area when Professionals are assisting members.
  • Maintain merchandising standards is accordance with daily procedures including selling, changing displays, inventory control, special orders and general Professional Shop organization and cleanliness.
  • Receiving of inventory shipments.
  • Ability to answer and solve all Golf Department related questions and concerns promptly.



  • Spread hospitality and good will to all members and guests.
  • Make all members and guests feel welcome and help them enjoy themselves while at the club.
  • Be in the Golf Shop.
  • When creating a tee time, obtain all possible information about the person requesting the time including who it is and who will be in the group … members, guests, women, youths, etc.
  • Maintain and organize the day’s tee sheet including complete information in all categories.
  • Prevent players from becoming late for their tee time by rotating groups when necessary.
  • Assist members and guests without games in finding one. Use the golf course to its maximum efficiency by keeping play in foursomes whenever possible.
  • Supervise play in accordance with club rules. Call attention to any violation including dress code, time, guest, and member classification regulations.
  • Supervise and maintain the four hours round program.
  • Keep an enough golf supplies at the Golf Shop counter.
  • Organize and finalize the billing of carts, green fees, and golf round tabulation.
  • Whatever needs to be done to make the daily operation run in a proficient manner.


Golf Services Personnel

Most of the time our Golf Services Personnel are the first people a golfer will encounter when they arrive the Pretty
Lake Golf Club. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that all personnel conduct themselves in a proper manner. To ensure this the following procedures must be used.

  • Spread hospitality and good will to all members and their guests
  • Make all members and guests feel welcome and help them to enjoy themselves while at the club.
  • Greet all incoming people with respect and sincerity treating everyone the way you would want to be treated.
  • Responsibilities and duties of each of the four major areas in the Golf Service Department are as follows.

Bag Room

  • All clubs must be completely washed.
  • Make sure that when a bag enters or exits the bag room that all the clubs are clean.
  • When racking a bag make sure it is in the correct place. Do this by looking at the name board.
  • Make sure there are ample towels available. Organize and store dirty towels in their proper place.
  • During slow times, the rack room must be cleaned and organized. In addition, the racks must be cleaned twice a month.
  • Keep all lost and found items neatly organized in their proper place.
  • Make sure all golf clubs have shaft labels and all golf bags have Pretty Lake Golf Club bag tags.
  • Empty all trash cans when needed.
  • Keep the rack room neat, clean, and well always organized. Do not allow the room to become cluttered with cans, trash, or personal belongings. Put these items in their proper place.

Cart Barn

  • All carts must be washed and dried when they return to the barn, including spraying the batteries and drying off the entire cart.
  • Park each cart orderly in evenly spaced rows. Set the parking brake, put the cart in neutral, and plug it into the charger. Double check that the charger is working.
  • Make sure there is ample supply of trash bags, towels, tees, and pencils available for use.
  • The cart barn must be sprayed out, cleaned, and organized in a neat manner on a regular basis.
  • When bringing a cart out for use, make sure it has tees, sharp pencil, two neatly folded towels and is completely free of trash.
  • Disabled carts are to be park in the open bay. Leave a specific note detailing the problem on the cart and notify the Golf Shop at once.

Driving Range

  • When setting up the driving range in the morning the following procedures are to be used.
  • Check the trash can for neatness and empty when needed.
  • Put the correct flags in the cup on all target greens.
  • Park the range cart in the designated area.
  • Make sure the Golf Shop has enough bags of range balls.
  • The driving range must be tended to every half hour or sooner during busy hours.
  • Organize the range as mentioned above.

When there is a shortage of range balls, the driving range must be picked with the following procedures

  • Drive around the range in a systematic manner to ensure maximum ball pick up in the time allowed.
  • Wash all picked up balls.
  • Fill range bags with washed balls as needed and bring to the Golf Shop.
  • Return the range cart to its designated area.

Use the following procedures to close the driving range at night

  • Empty all remaining range balls into the designated cans.
  • One staff member picks balls with the range cart.
  • One staff member must clean and organize the entire tee area including picking up trash and storing of range equipment.
  • Hand pick the area inaccessible to the range cart.
  • Wash all range balls and change the water upon completion.
  • Double check the area to ensure all equipment is in its proper place and that the area is neat and clean.

Outside Operations

  • All Golf Service Department employees are under the direct supervision of the Golf Professional or Manager on duty.
  • Keep the Golf Service grounds neat, clean, and well always organized. This includes emptying trash cans and ridding the area of grass and leaves with the air blower.
  • Load men’s bags on the driver side of the cart and women’s bags on the passenger side.
  • Never allow a person to carry their clubs in from the parking lot. Bring the bag in for them and report to the Golf

Shop for instructions. If the person is a guest, kindly ask them who they are playing with and walk them to their destination.

  • Maintain washing of clubs in a proper manner to prevent back logs.
  • Maintain proper cart washing to prevent back logs in the cart barn.
  • Above all, be totally aware of what is going on around you. If something needs attention, do it, don’t wait to be asked. If all employees follow this rule, everyone’s job will become a little easier.

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $7.00 – $8.00 per hour


  • 8 Hour Shift
  • Day shift
  • Holidays
  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekends

This Job Is:

  • Open to applicants under 18 years old, provided it is legally allowed for the job and location
  • Open to applicants who do not have a high school diploma/GED
  • A good job for someone just entering the workforce or returning to the workforce with limited experience and education
  • A job for which all ages, including older job seekers, are encouraged to apply
  • Open to applicants who do not have a college diploma

To apply for this job email your details to

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