Teaching golf has been done the same way for decades:  The pro offers 30- or 60-minutes lessons, along with a series of six lessons for a discount from the per-lesson price.  Go to any course in America today and there is a good chance you will see lessons being marketed in this manner. But what if there was a different way?  Can we come up with ways to give lessons that don’t necessarily involve the traditional model?  The innovative teacher would most resoundingly say “yes” to this.  Here are three ideas that can work for you: Lesson Memberships Many golf courses offer playing memberships, making it more economical for the frequent player to play golf, and lesson memberships can do the same for players seeking more than just an occasional lesson.  USGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional Jim Perez got his start this way, offering a three-month unlimited-lesson package for $99.  Over 200 people bought the package, so do the math:  Jim was able to put over $20,000 into his pocket in one fell swoop.  Even if you spread that out over a 3-month period, that still comes out to $6,667 per month – a good income no matter where you are.  In addition, Jim was able to sell individual lessons to people wanting more personal time. Lessons by the Minute Noted golf personality Peter Kessler is on record as saying the optimal lesson time is 10 minutes!  The pro gives the student one thing to work on and no more, and puts all the focus into that one thing.  When I conduct golf clinics, I’ve noticed a quick bit of instruction and a minute or two spent with that individual often work wonders.  Now, I know there are teachers out there who say, “I don’t give tips.  I have a lesson program.”  To me, tips are Band-Aids.  If the “tip” is a solid fundamental and what the student needs, then in effect it is a mini-lesson program. Offering lessons by the minute is a creative way to teach people the game.  Of course, you won’t be able to schedule any lessons while doing this and all your business will be walk-up business, but at a busy facility it might be worth a shot.  Students who might not be willing to pay the amount of a longer lesson might find it worthwhile to pay, say, $5 for the first minute and $1 per minute afterward.  And you will probably be surprised at how efficient and good you get teaching this way. Ongoing Golf Schools USGTF professionals Mike Stevens and Kathy Hester offer an innovative difference to the traditional golf school with On Target Golf Schools.  Instead of multiple days of lessons on consecutive days, Mike and Kathy offer multiple days spread out once a week.  This gives the students time to digest the lesson from the previous week, and some students are willing to invest in individual lessons between sessions.  The sessions are also convenient because they are held in the evenings after most people are finished with work. Summary The business model of golf often lacks from innovation, and the business of teaching golf can also fall victim to this.  Keep an open mind, find a way to fill a void, and you’ll separate yourself from others too afraid or not interested in trying something different.
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