Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen from Aynor, South Carolina, has an impressive resume that would give anyone pause. In addition to his certification from the USGTF, Allen has received certification from the Titleist Performance Institute; is a certified Kimoodo instructor; received certification as a “Master Mental Game Specialist” from the IGPA, and is a certified personal trainer. Allen is also a proficient player, holding the course record of 60 at The Traces Golf Club in Florence, South Carolina, and is the reigning two-time club champion at The Country Club of South Carolina in Florence.


Allen is also a fixture on radio’s South Carolina Sports Talk as a commentator. His teaching facility, Swing and Putt ( has both indoor and outdoor capabilities, and features state-of-the-art technology. Allen believes there is value in paying for information, which is why he always charges something, even if it’s only as little as $1, because people tend not to value something that was given to them for free.


He also had some challenges in his younger years. Allen said, “During my junior high years, I grew over a foot in less than five months. I was informed by orthopedic doctors that I had to be very careful, because I would be prone to degenerative conditions of the joints and spinal column due to the hyper growth spurt combined with the lack of nutrition to keep up with my growth. It was so bad it was projected that I could be in a wheelchair as early as my upper 20s. Measures were taken, and I had to wear metal bracing on my legs and use crutches. I committed myself to learning all that I could about what was happening or had happened to me. I did not accept that as my fate, so I set my course learning about my own body through the study of nutrition and fitness. Golf grew as a passion of mine and I organically dumped everything into learning everything I could about the movements required to play golf at a fun to career-winning level. My love for golf and helping others has inspired my 15-year-old daughter Sydney to follow me into golf as a future professional golf coach herself.”

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