It was a feud that began some time ago when Brooks Koepka talked about slow play and that it shouldn’t take that long to hit a shot. Bryson DeChambeau took it as a commentary towards his leisurely habits while preparing for a shot, and a feud was born. A few juvenile back-and-forths between the two behemoths (figuratively and literally) of the golf world ensued, with “The Match” held the day after Thanksgiving this year supposedly going to be the last word. Koepka drilled an out-of-form DeChambeau, 4 and 3, in the scheduled 12-hole match. Why 12 holes? Perhaps it was an ode to championship boxing matches and their 12-round bouts.

Koepka was known for his workout routines first, building his body into that akin to a football tight end. DeChambeau followed suit after the 2019 season in an effort to gain distance. And did he. DeChambeauu finished 7th in the World Long Drive Championship, meaning that professional golf now has a legitimate long-drive competitor playing at the highest level.

Is this feud settled? It probably won’t be until two of the most compelling personalities in golf gain some maturity and put an end to it. But then again, like a lot of things these days, their feud may have more of an air of professional wrestling to it than reality.

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