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Here is a brief reminder of how USGTF members may be allowed to identify themselves in conjunction with their USGTF membership status:

Associate Member – Must always use the term “Associate Member” when identifying themselves as a USGTF member in a professional capacity. Terms such as “USGTF Member,” “USGTF Professional,” “USGTF Teaching Professional,” etc., are not allowed as they do not use the term “Associate Member.”

Certified Golf Teaching Professional® – May identify themselves with a wide array of terms such as “USGTF Professional” and “USGTF Certified Golf Teaching Professional.” May not identify themselves as a “Master Golf Teaching Professional®” or any other term with the word “Master” in it.

Master Golf Teaching Professional® – May use virtually any term in identifying themselves as a USGTF member.

For more information, please contact the USGTF National Office.
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