I was watching an interesting podcast the other night. It was about the state of golf and what needs to be done to keep the game vibrant. The fellow on the screen said the problem we face is that we have allowed the media to dictate the narrative. All we hear from them is how golf is dying; golf courses are closing; fewer young people are playing; it takes too much time and it is too hard.  With that type of message constantly hitting the airways, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is true that several courses have closed in recent years, but it is also true that projections of new golfers from the National Golf Foundation were unrealistic, resulting in an oversupply of courses being built. The market today is just correcting to actual demand as all businesses do. That does not mean the game is heading for a nosedive. Avid golfers will always be avid golfers.  It is our job as pros to keep the core golfers coming out regularly and introducing the game to new players with positive messages that counter the media doom and gloom. We need to emphasize the positives of golf. For example, studies have shown that golfers live an average of five years longer than most people. The challenges of the game stimulate the brain and help to prevent or slow age-related neurological disorders. It is a great way to network with family, friends and business associates. Golf is a fantastic game for kids as it gets them outside and away from video toys and too much television.   This is the narrative we need to be spreading and posting in our clubhouses and newsletters. If we continue to let the mass media speak for us, then we only have ourselves to blame.
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