20. Understand that form is less important than function

19. Explain what your students should do as opposed to what you do

18. Teaching pros should be good listeners

17. Never give advice unless you are asked

16. A truly great teacher always encourages

15. Know when you’re on the wrong track

14. Free advice is never truly appreciated

13. Avoid using terms such as “I think” and “Don’t.” With regard to the words “I think” – you are the teacher, you should know. Replace the word “Don’t” with the words “Try not to.”

12. Create a teaching environment conducive to learning

11. Be creative

10. Know why your students have sought your help

9. The simpler approach equates to the most effective approach. Over teaching is not beneficial

8. Stay current with teaching methodology, new technology and golf equipment

7. Know your student’s learning style

6. Have a lesson plan, especially with frequent students

5. Refer to your students by their names

4. Your personal appearance is very important

3. Work on maintaining an excellent rapport with management

2. Avoid condescension

1. Golf is a game and it should be fun – – ensure your students enjoy themselves

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