USGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional®Certification – $655.00

A USGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional® certification is the highest level of attainment in the golf teaching industry. Master Golf Teaching Professionals have demonstrated a teaching acumen and ability of the highest order. All USGTF members who have been a Certified Golf Teaching Professional® for a minimum of twelve months may become a Master Golf Teaching Professional.

This three-day on-site course is designed to develop experienced, career-oriented teaching professionals, and is held in the fall, one on the east coast and one on the west coast.

To become a Master Golf Teaching Professional, you must:

  • Successfully complete the Playing Ability Test requirements, which are four strokes lower per round than what was required to become a Certified Golf Teaching Professional®. Candidates who did not meet this requirement originally at the on-site Playing Ability Test may complete this requirement by submitting two attested scorecards to the USGTF National Office prior to attending the course. Men – two rounds of 79 or less. Ladies – two rounds of 83 or less.

Senior Division:
Men 50-59   two rounds of 80                Women 50-59   two rounds of 84
Men 60-69   two rounds of 82                Women 60 +     two rounds of 86
Men 70 +    two rounds of 84

  • Provide a 15-minute DVD of yourself giving a lesson, or (preferably) give a presentation on a written thesis that lasts approximately 20 minutes. The DVD must have clear audio. The DVD should have an opening segment consisting of a brief student interview, observation of the student, detection and correction of the main problem, and closing segment making sure the student understands the instructions. A DVD that shows the candidate merely teaching the basics to a beginner will not be accepted. The student must be someone who is a better-than-average player (14 handicap or below). 
  • Instead of providing a DVD, a candidate may present a thesis. The thesis presentation must include information that is above and beyond what was taught at the Certified Golf Teaching Professional course. The material should either be original, unique or well-researched.
  • Be able to perform the following in a shotmaking demonstration: Fade, draw, slice, hook, low shot, high shot, straight shot, chip shot, pitch shot, and putt.
  • Successfully pass a 40-question written teaching test (70% required).

2020 Course Dates

November 30-December 2, 2020
USGTF Headquarters
Fort Pierce, Florida

The cost for this course is $655.00 and includes: Daily green & cart usage, daily range balls, all course materials, instruction, banquet dinner and all taxes.