USGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional®Certification – $1,995.00

A USGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional® certification is the highest level of attainment in the golf teaching industry. Master Golf Teaching Professionals have demonstrated a teaching acumen and ability of the highest order. All USGTF members who have been a Certified Golf Teaching Professional® for a minimum of twelve months may become a Master Golf Teaching Professional.

This three-day on-site course is designed to develop experienced, career-oriented teaching professionals, and is held in the fall, one on the east coast and one on the west coast.

To become a Master Golf Teaching Professional, you must:

  • Successfully complete the Playing Ability Test requirements, which are four strokes lower per round than what was required to become a Certified Golf Teaching Professional®. Candidates who did not meet this requirement originally at the on-site Playing Ability Test may complete this requirement by submitting two attested scorecards to the USGTF National Office prior to attending the course. Men – two rounds of 77 or less. Ladies – two rounds of 81 or less.

Senior Division:
Men 50-59   two rounds of 78                Women (all ages)  two rounds of 81
Men 60 +   two rounds of 80

  • Successfully complete the online course of USGTF Certified Professional Golf Coach by end of the onsite course dates. Course materials and access will be provided at the time of registration. (The person who wants to receive a copy of the USGTF Certified Professional Golf Coach certificate may request at an additional fee.)
  • Present a 30 minute PPT thesis presentation and conduct a 15 minute Q & A with class participants. The thesis should be on information that is above and beyond what was taught at the Certified Golf Teaching Professional course. The presentation topic must be related to golf teaching and be original, unique and/or well-researched.
  • Be able to perform the following in a shot making demonstration: Fade, draw, slice, hook, low shot, high shot, straight shot, chip shot, pitch shot, and putt.
  • Successfully pass a 40-question written teaching test (70% required).

2024 Course Dates

December 9-11
USGTF Headquarters
Fort Pierce, Florida

The cost for this course is $1,995.00 and includes: All course materials, instruction, banquet dinner and all taxes.