USGTF Associate Member Online Course – $1,195.00

During the USGTF Associate online certification course, you will learn all aspects of teaching the game including the full swing, faults and cures, short game, rules of golf, ball flight laws, golf psychology, clubfitting, video analysis and marketing techniques. Associate members will be able to effectively teach beginning to intermediate golfers.

It is not necessary to become an Associate member prior to becoming a Certified Golf Teaching Professional®. The Associate certification course is provided as an option to make it more convenient to progress in the industry comfortably at your own pace. A USGTF Associate Member is one who has successfully completed the online course, but has not yet completed the on-site verbal teaching and playing ability tests.

This online course requires the successful completion of the following test:

  • 25-Question Golf Fundamentals Test (90% passing grade)
  • 40-Question Written Rules Test (80% passing grade)
  • 30-Question Teaching Fundamentals Test (90% passing grade)

The online course must be completed within 90 days from date of purchase.

The following topics are covered in the Associate online course:

 Teaching the Full Swing
 Faults and Cures for Teaching Professionals
 Teaching the Short Game
 Social Media Marketing
 Teaching Clubfitting
 Golf Training Aids for Teaching Professionals

This course also includes the following examination materials:

 How To Teach Golf, The American Golf Teaching Method Instruction Manual
 “Video Teaching” worksheet
 “Clubfitting” worksheet
 USGA Rules Book