By: Arlen Bento, WGCA contributing writer What a performance by the USA Ryder Cup team this past October. Not only were the crowds in Minnesota large and in charge, but the players finally showed what it looks like to play for something more than just yourself. In this day and age of golf with private jets, millions of dollars in endorsements and players with one major win or a few tour wins that can set themselves financially for life, it was great to watch our USA’s best just lay it out on the line for the Ryder Cup and their teammates. For those of you that follow me, you know that I feel the number one thing that separates a good golf team from a great team is team chemistry. You just can’t put a bunch of great players that only play for themselves together and expect them to win all the time against similar talent that really, truly plays for more than themselves. The USA Ryder Cup coaches did a really nice job trying to figure out who the best players would be for this team, not just by world ranking or money earned.  I think the selection process was much better, and in the end because we won, the process was validated. Patrick Reed, in my opinion, was the star.  He was so fired up with emotion and his win over Rory was amazing.  He is exactly what the USA needed.  Just one guy, playing his heart out for his team and country is a very powerful thing. The USA just wanted to win so badly compared to Europe, it made for great golf! In the past, when I watched the Ryder Cup when Tiger was on top of his game, it was always a problem to figure out who is going to play with Tiger.  That always bugged me about the team.  Tiger is so good or so dominant that no one can play with him.  I put that blame on Tiger. There was not that kind of thing this year.  Captain Davis Love did a great job of pairing players that actually looked liked they liked each other.  It was very obvious in the singles matches that the players that were put out first were chosen for a good reason: to lead the team! Hats off to the USA and the Ryder Cup win.  I think Europe played well and I am sure they are going to be ready to play in two years in Paris. 033Master Teaching Professional Arlen Bento Jr. is an award-winning golf coach, business owner, product developer and content writer living in Jensen Beach, Florida.  He is the former head golf professional at the PGA Country Club in PGA Village, Florida, and the director of golf at Eagle Marsh Golf Club in Jensen Beach.  Arlen is a “Top 100” golf instructor recognized by the World Golf Teaching Federation, with over 30,000 members in 40 countries.  
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