By: Kenneth Weaver

When you consider the vast array of Social Media Platforms it can be a daunting task trying to decide exactly where your Social Media presence would be best suited.

First you need to take a close look at your reasons for having a social media presence. Here are a few of the primary reasons why you need a social presence.

  • Establish credibility with new clients/prospects
  • Networking with consumers & Industry leaders
  • Increase business leads/sales
  • Boost SEO for your business website
  • Competitive advantage
  • SMM Drives targeted traffic to your website
  • Helps you build relationships with your audience
  • Which Social Platform/s should I use?

    That can vary depending on the focus of your business as well as the time and energy you have available to maintain your social presence.

    If your time and resources are limited you should have at the least have a Professional Facebook “Business Page” regardless of your business focus.

    For Golf teaching and coaching professionals:

  • Facebook: Your home base for social media marketing. This is also the best platform for paid/targeted marketing in your geographical region through Facebook ad campaigns. Note: 68% of Americans are on Facebook!
  • Linkedin: Your personal professional page to help establish your credibility and network. Linkedin also offers professional business pages that can be very effective, especially if you already have a professional following.
  • Instagram: Popular platform to share images/videos such as golf tips, feature students, feature teams…) all posts can be easily shared on your Facebook business page. Creating posts for Instagram (IG) is quite easy and time efficient with the added benefit that when you post on IG your post can also roll over to your FB page (one post covers two sites). Your IG posts can also be easily shared on Twitter!
  • If you have the time/resources to take things a step further:

  • Twitter: The top social platform to reach out and interact with others of similar interest. You choose who you follow and engage. The more active you are the higher level of engagement and exposure you will receive. You can easily share images/articles from your website to Twitter with “call to action” links back to your desired landing page/s.
  • If you have products or merchandise that you are selling/promoting:

  • Pinterest: This is by far the best social platform to promote products/merchandise for sale. The “pins” are easy to create can direct traffic back to your website or specifically your online marketplace. With Pinterest you set up “boards” covering various topics related to your business or niche. The boards attract followers and in turn the followers see and can click on your pins that display your products/merchandise.
  • The only reason I placed Facebook ahead of Linkedin is that Facebook provides more options for business in regard to targeted marketing and is a more effective platform for building and directing a large audience (68% of Americans are on FB) to your website. That being said having a Linkedin profile and business page is easy to maintain once it is set up. Facebook requires more input to build your following and engagement but is more effective overall.


    Regardless which Social platform/s you choose it is vital that you set up profiles that are “Professional” in appearance and a bio that is well written with a clear message stating what you have to offer perspective clients/customers. Another vital element is “engagement” with your following. Unless you are a major celebrity most people won’t engage with you unless you interact back with them. Show them that you care and are interested in what they are posting. Be responsive and reply to comments that followers leave on your timeline. Take a few minutes three or four times a week and cruise your “home feed” and like/comment on your followers content. This more often than not brings them back to your content! As the title implies these are “Social” platforms and social implies that there is two way communication.

    In Social Media marketing (SMM) it is important to remember that your followers (prospects) don’t want to be constantly pitched to – they want honest informative/entertaining engagement. You have to provide them something of value. This can be by the way of entertaining images/videos, education (golf tips) a bit of humor goes a long way!

    If you want people to follow you, it is vital to present them a unique path filled with value that’s interesting to them!

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