The first professional golf lesson I ever gave was with “Mr. Golf Channel Know It All.” He decided to contest every statement I made. Because of that, I made a commitment: always follow “how” with “why.” Now, the statement is, “This is what I would like to see you do, and this is why I would like to see you do it.” Hopefully, the student says, “That makes sense, I see why you do that.” From that point on they have ownership of that knowledge and have begun to build their method.

My students know they will be asked to share, show knowledge, and actively participate in the discussion. Every aspect of their method must match so that a ball flight pattern can develop.

Even at a tour level, you see players sometimes chasing a technique that is limiting. Today the fad is to “work left” through the ball. This general piece of advice is incomplete, at best. Also, I have never seen so many top level players laying the sod over short wedge shots. That stiff right arm that drives the right shoulder upward as we begin our swing, coupled with the chesty yank left, is contrived and robotic. The ability to read the turf with the bounce on your wedge comes from relaxed elbows. Soft hands hit soft shots.

If your method is complete, you can be successful with any club in your bag, provided the swing is good. If your method is lacking, you will only be successful with a limited number of clubs and your score will suffer as a result.
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