CGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional Bill Bath has written a new book titled Golf Yoda’s Action Golf. Bath has simplified the swing into two necessary actions – one on the backswing and one on the forward swing – while detailing the differences between actions and reactions. According to Bath, “What most people teach as actions, I teach as reactions.” The first action is in swinging the arms back, and the second one is starting the forward swing from the ground up. Bath’s book details how and why these are critical, and goes into detail about the proper execution. Bath gained his knowledge from reading dozens of golf books and studying the swings of the greats, and found that all have in common the two actions he describes and teaches. He was a featured presenter at this year’s Toronto Golf Show, Canada’s largest golf show. He also has been a longtime examiner with the CGTF. To purchase a copy of his book or for more information, he can be contacted at (905) 767-4653 or through his website,    
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