Club Champion, the nation’s premier golf club fitter and retailer with 15 locations, offers USGTF members an enticing incentive program. Over 100+ golf instructors and club professionals have had success with the Club Champion referral program and have witnessed their students’ improvement as a result of premium custom fitting. The program also provides an incentive for their referring partners that can really add up – better partners have earned $10k+ annually. A great example is Jake Thurm, coach of Tour player Kevin Streelman, who quickly realized that Club Champion had access to equipment and technology most players do not. Thurm says, “It’s always better to have equipment fit you as opposed to you having to fit to your equipment. If your coach and club fitter aren’t on the same page, then you’re going to have less than optimal results.” Thurm has constant communication with Club Champion fitters and shares what he’s trying to do with a given player’s swing. He states, “They really have everyone rowing in the same direction to bring about the most impactful results. Because of the constant dialogue, Club Champion is unique in that they really want to know how to work with you, versus independently. Then, their elite club builders complete the process.” Club Champion provides a complimentary fitting for instructors who participate in the program and encourages instructors to attend all of their students’ fittings. Thurm concludes, “As a Tour instructor and teacher at a top golf academy in the Chicago area, I like to be associated with the best. That’s what Club Champion provides for fitting and building of clubs. Quite honestly, to be a great instructor, you have to produce better golf, which is a combination of many components for the player. The referral program is great, too, because obviously it puts some extra spending money in your pocket.” For more information, call Mike Trapani at 630-654-3301 or visit    
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