There is a lot of discussion concerning pace of play among the golf industry organizations. There does not seem to be much being done about it, however. Oftentimes on the tour, players have to go out early on the next morning to finish their first round before the second starts. Any type of weather delay makes it worse. When it takes more than 5 1/2 hours for two contestants to finish 18 holes, something is wrong. Yes, they are playing for huge amounts of cash, but sizing up putts for several minutes or taking unlimited practice swings before routine shots just adds to the agony of getting to the finish line. I recently played in the World Golf Teachers Cup in China, which incorporated a shotgun start for each round. Play moved along rather well, and just about all competitors playing in foursomes completed the round in about four hours and forty-five minutes. It was nice that all the players came off the course around the same time and could discuss their round with fellow contestants. This might be something the professional golf tours could consider for the first two rounds of their tournaments before the cut has to be made. Many people think a shotgun start is not worthy of a professional event. Yet, as a player, I would prefer that to having to get up at the crack of dawn to play a few holes and then have to get ready again later in the day. Players like routine, and needing two days to play one round is not routine. Maybe a shotgun start would be a way to go. Mike Stevens Tampa, Florida USGTF Level III Member Three-time National Hickory Champion
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