I love the Ryder Cup. Lots of tradition dating all the way back to 1927 at Worcester Country Club. Unfortunately, it’s a course that would never be considered for any event in the modern era. But that’s another discussion. I always look forward to the Ryder Cup matches. The Presidents Cup, not so much. Not that there aren’t good players involved; it just seems to be a contrived event to me. I believe it was started out of envy. The PGA Tour, not involved in the Ryder Cup, decided to create an event to call its own. It does get plenty of attention, so in that aspect I guess most of the golf world is happy. I just don’t find it that interesting. But hey, that is just me. Something I think would be really exciting would be a way to incorporate another team into the Ryder Cup. A triangular match between the USA, Europe, and the rest of the world. That would be cool. Impossible you say. What about all that tradition I mentioned? Well, there is precedent. Remember, the Ryder Cup was originally contested by the U.S. and Great Britain. It got so one-sided that Jack Nicklaus suggested that players from Europe be added to even the score. Maybe it is time to consider a new wrinkle. Golf is an international game more so now than ever before. A worldwide Ryder Cup competition would really be electric. Could it happen? Maybe. Will it happen? Unlikely. Too many cooks to spoil the broth.
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