Most of life in America has come to a halt as the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak dominates every aspect. Many businesses, including golf courses, have been forced to close in order to stem the number of cases. Golf teachers and coaches have surely felt the impact, too, as “social distancing” has become the norm.

The good news, I believe, is that once we can return to some semblance of normalcy, people will be eager to seek out that sense of normalcy. Some say that people will be reluctant to return to normal soon. I disagree. I think people will truly miss what they used to do. There may be an initial period of trepidation, but once our health and government officials have cleared us to resume our everyday activities, I think we’ll see people be more enthusiastic and appreciative of what we all take for granted.

If nothing else, golfers tend to be fanatics about their sport. We could see courses packed like never before. This would represent a great opportunity for USGTF members to reap the benefits of this increase participation. After all, no one wants to play bad golf. If your lesson book fills up quickly after the all-clear is given, don’t be surprised.

By Mark Harman, USGTF National Course Director

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