In August 2022, the formation of the TGL was announced in partnership with the PGA Tour. Tiger Woods’ and Rory McIlroy’s joint company would run the new virtual, indoor golf league, using a giant simulator and a real-grass putting green and chipping area. Six teams of PGA Tour players would compete in prime time at a specially built facility in South Florida with a capacity to seat 2,000 fans.

All that came crashing down – literally – this past fall when a power failure caused the inflatable roof and ceiling to collapse. As a result, the start of the new golf league has been pushed back to 2025.

TGL (what the initials stand for is unknown, but a good guess is Tiger Golf League) is attempting to take advantage of the ever-present technology encroaching on every aspect of modern life. It is also an attempt to appeal to the Topgolf crowd that may never set foot on an actual golf course but enjoys hitting balls with their friends in an exciting atmosphere. TGL certainly promises that.

The end result is anything new and exciting concerning golf is a good thing. And anything in golf with Woods’ involvement draws eyeballs. Whether the new league will survive long-term remains to be seen, but at present it seems like a refreshing new take on the old game.
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