During its annual membership meeting in 1992, the PGA of America was concerned about a new entity that had come on board in 1989 – that entity, of course, being the USGTF. The PGA’s then-president stated to the membership, “If we aren’t careful, this won’t be our industry anymore.” The PGA was so concerned that starting in 1994, for the first time ever, it required prospective Class A members to learn about teaching golf where before it had only been optional.

Here we are, 32 years later, and the PGA has recognized the staying power of the USGTF and no longer views us as competition. Recently, a representative of the PGA of America visited the USGTF National Office in a spirit of cooperation in potentially forming a partnership, the likes of which will be determined at a future date.

The sport’s most prominent publication, Golf Digest, has also taken note. It now offers its own certification program online, somewhat modeled after the USGTF’s. In fact, Golf Digest has approached the USGTF about a mutually beneficial arrangement that is still being studied by USGTF president and CEO Brandon Lee.

In its 35th year of operation, the USGTF is no longer the new kid on the block, but is instead a recognized stakeholder in the game of golf. This is thanks to the hard work of founder and president Geoff Bryant, which is now being continued by Lee and the rest of the USGTF staff, and is also a testament to the quality of membership that the USGTF possesses.
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