I’ve been fortunate to attend every playing of the United States Golf Teachers Cup since its inception as the USGTF Members’ Tournament back in 1996 at Ponce de Leon Resort in St. Augustine, Florida – a facility that no longer exists, by the way. Two other courses where we played the US Cup are no longer around: San Luis Rey Downs in Bonsall, California, site of the 1997 tourney, and The Moors in Milton, Florida, where we played the 2002 event. There’s a sense of loss when a place that used to be so vibrant with golfers is now shuttered, which is why member participation in our national or regional events is so important. And fortunately, member participation has remained strong throughout the years, and continues to grow as we are still recovering from the effects of the economic downturn which began in 2008. The recent USGTF Northeast Region Championship drew 40 golfers – a record number of participants for a region event. The US Cup regularly draws over 100 players from not only the US, but internationally. When I attend these events, it makes me confident that the organization will continue on its never-ending path of growth and accomplishments. I realize there are those of you who have never attended a US or World Cup, or one of our five region events across the country. There are also those of you who have attended one or two times in the past. Perhaps there are financial considerations, family matters, or work schedules that come into play; fair enough. If you haven’t come because you don’t think you’ll be competitive, let me allay these fears right now – it doesn’t matter. Many of our participants attend annually, not because they are trying to win a first-place prize, but because of the tremendous camaraderie that exists at these events. There are also networking, marketing, and educational opportunities that can be found only with a gathering of USGTF members. If you haven’t yet done so, and there are no practical barriers, please take the time to sign up for the US/World Cup, or make it a point to attend one of our region events. You’ll be glad you did.  Finally, I welcome your feedback about this editorial and all things USGTF at mark@usgtf.com. By Mark Harman, National Course Director  
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