California’s new law will allow college athletes to be paid for their participation in sports. So, it will be interesting to see how the USGA applies this to their amateur status rules. Under Rule 6-2, “The amateur golfer must not obtain any payment, compensation or financial gain, directly or indirectly, for allowing his name or likeness to be used in these ways. However, he may receive reasonable expenses, not exceeding actual expenses incurred, in connection with the promotional activity.” Looks like a lot of lawyers will be getting a nice payday when it comes down to it.

Let’s be honest. A lot of golfers at high-profile schools are there to groom themselves for one of the professional tours. Maybe they should have a choice of declaring themselves professionals while still in school. I believe that you can be a pro in one sport and play a different sport for your college team. College golf does not bring in the kind of revenue that football and basketball bring into their universities. Actually, none. So, who cares if you want to declare yourself a pro golfer and play for your college team? If you’re that good and can make a few bucks in endorsements, more power to you. That’s the way the sports world works.

By Mike Stevens, USGTF member and contributing writer

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