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Golf is a game that doesn’t have to follow a certain blueprint for a player to be successful. Your swing doesn’t have to look a certain way, or your strategy conform to a certain philosophy.  You can be a short hitter, long hitter, straight hitter or a wild hitter and still compete at a high level. In today’s era, players’ swings look very similar versus 20-40 years ago. The use of technology and emphasis on employing golf teaching professionals has definitely aided in this.

Now comes along Bryson DeChambeau, a man who does not fit the mold of today’s players. Some call him more of a scientist than a golfer. Several think he’s odd due to his grips and one-length irons. Others might name him a tinkerer for using odd putters or styles. I like to look at him as an artist painting his own canvas, not someone else’s.

For Bryson, the way he plays works. He figured out at an early age that one-length irons would be a more effective way for him to play as opposed to the traditional-length irons. He uses grips that fit his style of swing versus fitting his swing to the style of grips. He found a putter and style that made sense to his thought process and understanding of what he wanted to do.

We teach a wide variety of students; some fit a certain mold while others do not. As golf teaching professionals, we need to adapt to our students’ philosophy, not the other way around. We need to think differently, teach differently and not be afraid to try or recommend alternative ways to play the game.

By Cole Golden, WGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional

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