By USGTF Technical Committee

We teach golf for the love of the game, but we also earn an income from it, either full-time or part-time. Maximizing our lesson income for 2022 can be done with some relatively easy steps:

Have a strong online presence. Any business worth its salt will have a strong online presence in 2022, including a functional website and social media accounts that are maintained.

Advertise. Signage and brochures should be prominent at your teaching facility, and business cards should be readily available. Television advertising in some markets is surprisingly affordable, as are radio ads.

Make yourself available. Be present at your facility. Give talks to groups. Try to get interviewed on local television or radio, and by your local newspaper golf writer (if he or she still exists!).

Ask for referrals. Don’t be shy in asking your students to spread the word around about you.

Be creative in your lesson offerings. Giving 30- or 60-minute individual lessons are great, but you can make more per hour with group lessons. Offer playing lessons and clinics and lesson memberships..

Conduct junior camps. As one USGTF professional stated, this is “found money.” A typical cost to the parents might be $150 for a 4-day camp. Multiply that by 10 kids and that’s $1,500, minus whatever the course takes and if you hire someone to help you.

Raise your rates. In case you haven’t noticed, the price of everything has gone up heading into 2022, and businesses have raised wages. Don’t be afraid of raising rates accordingly.

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