“This course can benefit individuals in all realms of life…especially golfers.” – Geoff Bryant, USGTF President To develop emotional toughness, you must develop positive emotional habits. To develop these positive emotional habits, this course is broken into six emotional strengths. When you master these strengths, you will have emotional toughness. The six sections of this course are the following: 1)  Emotional Awareness: Being aware of your best and worst emotions is key to performing your best under pressure 2)  Emotional Preparedness: Being prepared for what can happen gives you great confidence 3)  Emotional Bravado: Fears and anxiety can disrupt your performance and block your goals 4)  Emotional Connectedness: Staying focused is key to performing  your best 5)  Emotional Drive: We need to be motivated because it takes hard work to be successful 6)  Emotional Balance: We need balance in our lives to prevent burnout. Ultimately, this course will boost your confidence, enhance your concentration, diminish your anxiety and supercharge your motivation – keys for success in any field! The executive director of the Emotional Toughness University is USGTF member Dr. Gregg Steinberg. He is a professor of human performance at Austin Peay State University and the USGTF head sports psychologist. USGTF members can take the course for half price of $199 by using the promo code USGTF199 at www.EmotionalToughnessUniversity.com. If there are any questions or concerns about the course, please e-mail Dr. Steinberg at mentalrules24@msn.com
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