I was watching NBC Nightly News over the weekend and one of their segments caught my eye. Some fellows on a golf course were kicking a soccer ball down the fairway and then at a hole the size of a 55-gallon drum in circumference. Apparently, this new sport called “foot golf” is all the rage. I am not necessarily one to cast aspersions on people who come up with new ways to entertain themselves, but I won’t be joining the ranks of foot golfers across the globe…just as I have never played a round of disc golf either. Why? Well, I became an avid golfer because of the challenge. How hard can it be to kick a big ball down a wide open fairway? Want to make it interesting, forego the soccer ball, and use something more like a tennis ball. I can’t wait to see how they handle an uphill fairway when gravity returns the old soccer ball back to their feet time after time. All kidding aside, if people find this to be fun, more power to them. Will this propel interest in the actual game of golf? I doubt it. The PGA thinks it might, but I am skeptical. Humans in this day and age tend not to gravitate from something easy to something much more complicated, difficult, and expensive. The fact that foot golf was even created probably means that someone was looking for an alternative to the challenge of golf. Maybe I am wrong and this foot thing will ultimately help the game of golf. It might also keep people from ever trying real golf in the first place. I hope not. Only time will tell.
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