As spring begins to present itself to most of the country, golf season is on a lot of people’s minds, from students to teachers alike. It’s important to shake off the cobwebs that might have developed by getting back to the basics and working on fundamentals. As golf teaching professionals, this advice applies to us as well.

As teachers, we might not play as much as we would like; however, our students look to us as good players and examples of how to master the sport. Our golf game doesn’t have to be of tour quality, but it does need to be good enough to demonstrate certain areas of the swing. Too often, golf teachers don’t work on their games as much as they should, and it is visible to their students.

Now that spring is here, don’t be afraid to spend some time on the range. Work on the basics: alignment, ball position, posture, grip and tempo. If you time it right, your students will arrive to observe your routine, understand the importance and follow along. Another benefit is the quality time spent as a fellow golfer alongside new and prospective students. Once others witness your dedication to the game, they will have more trust in you for their game knowing that you practice what you preach.

As we prepare for a new golf year, think of ways to do business differently. Write down some goals for your golf teaching business, plus some goals for your own golf game. Figure out what is needed to achieve these goals and then make a plan to attack and conquer them. Here’s to a great 2017 season!
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