Club Professional and Club Manager / Resort Manager Certification The following subjects will be taught during the course of the week: Customer Relations In our customer relations training section you will learn how to properly interact with your customers in a professional manner. In golf management, this is very important because the typical golfer has several options as to where they play. A good golf management experience gives the client all the more reason to select your facility for their next outing. Management Expectations In this section you will learn exactly what’s expected of a golf management professional and what tasks are involved in expanding your particular golf course facility. The Common Sense Factor It is not necessary in golf management to have a degree in business, agronomy, accounting or marketing in order to be successful. However, although no one gives out a degree in common sense possessing this valuable attribute will serve you well in this career. Introduction to Agronomy In golf management a basic understanding of creating and maintaining a healthy playing environment allows you to intelligently work with your course superintendent on turf and overall maintenance issues. An Introduction to Golf Course Construction Basic issues such as drainage, bunker construction and new tee construction are challenges faced by many of those in golf management. Employment at Public versus Private Facilities There are definite differences in golf management issues as they relate to public verses private facilities. For example: With private clubs, internal politics is a much greater challenge. By contrast maintaining and creating new revenue is the main focus at a public facility. Managing a Golf Course on a Strict Budget One challenge facing those in golf management is how to do this while providing an enjoyable and properly maintained facility. An Introduction to Food and Beverage One of the great American golf traditions is the food and beverage pit stop at the turn. In golf management it is important to be in tune to your customer’s desires in this area. Furthermore, many golf courses and golf resorts have full-fledged restaurants that serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is a specialized field which normally has its own management staff but the golf manager should be familiar with its basic operation as well. Understanding and Working with Various Types of Grasses during Season Changes as well as Varying Geographic Areas Different areas of the country have varying soil and turf conditions. A fundamental understanding of geography and seasonal changes is helpful in your role as a golf course manager. Evolution of the Modern Golf Swing Strictly speaking, a golf club manager may not need to have an in-depth knowledge of swing mechanics and techniques. Your business however is golf, and being able to converse intelligently regarding basic elements of the golf swing is an asset in any golf management setting. An Introduction to Pro Shop Merchandising In an area where off-course retailers tend to dominate, golf courses that provide merchandise have a tremendous challenge in getting their share of the market place. A good golf manager is attuned to the needs and wants of his customer base. Day to Day Golf Course Operations – Inside / Outside All golf courses have two areas of operation – Inside Shop and Outside Shop which must coordinate and work together. Personnel scheduling and hiring is critical to an efficiently run operation. Seemingly simple operations such as running the range and organizing the cart fleet are more complex than they appear as a golf management concern. An Introduction to Payroll, Budgeting and Accounting It is important that those in golf management have a basic understanding of simple payroll, budgeting and accounting principles as you will have a close working relationship with your accountant. Marketing Yourself within the Industry Both traditional and online methods of marketing your facility will be examined. From the golf management prospective differences between public and private facilities will be explored. Effectively Organizing Golf Tournaments Playing in a golf competition is fun and exciting for many golfers. Being a competent tournament organizer is a must in golf course management. The Basics of Today’s Modern Golf Equipment Golf courses that provide equipment sales depend on knowledgeable personnel to help customers make the right choices. A golf manager has the responsibility to make sure that personnel are up to date on the latest equipment. The Passion for Excellence All those who are successful in golf management have one thing in common; a desire to excel. At the end of the day, nothing is more satisfying than going the extra mile, getting things done properly, and providing your customers with the best experience possible.
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