Back in a simpler time, golf courses were run by the owner/owners of the facility, and golf course management schools weren’t on anyone’s radar. As the game grew into the 20th century, the golf professional became the mainstay of the operation, and golf course management schools still didn’t exist.. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and the business of golf is one that would not be recognized by those of 100 years ago. Receiving training in all facets of the golf business has become necessary for those who wish to work in the industry, and golf course management schools have cropped up in order to satisfy this demand. Golf course management schools first gained traction in 1975 at Ferris State University, and the success of that program has led to others. One of the benefits of these other programs is that there are programs tailored to individuals who have various needs. A four-year program designed for 18-year-olds might be best for that particular age group, but most people come into the golf business later in life, and such a program is ill-suited towards these individuals. Most people would benefit from golf course management schools that have a streamlined process. Some offer programs of a year or more in length, but only one of the golf course management schools – the United States Golf Management Association – offers a training program that takes only a few days. All topics pertinent to the business of golf course management are covered, and the program is ideal for those who already have real-world business experience and have no need to take a year or more to re-learn what they already know.
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