The business of golf is quite varied. It might be thought that the general manager or director of golf at a golf course have the only golf management jobs in the industry, but the fact is that golf management jobs come in all sorts of varieties. Your off-course golf shop retailer also comes into play when discussing golf management jobs. How about the lead superintendent of a golf course? Certainly, it might be said that he has one of the best, but perhaps also one of the most stressful, of golf management jobs. How does one get started in working their way into upper golf management? Well, one way is to start at the bottom. The old-school method was to land a job as an assistant professional, or even as one of the pro shop staff. You learned the business well this way, but it would take years before someone could work their way into a golf management job that was considered upper-echelon. Younger people might gravitate today towards a four-year program offered by an accredited university, but again this takes many years. As a result, the certification course offered by the United States Golf Management Association has been well-received by those who may not necessarily have the time or inclination to wait years to achieve their goals. Candidates who have successfully gone through the USGMA program have found a variety of golf management jobs in a variety of settings. As the program is conducted by those currently in the golf business, those who are looking for a way into the many golf management jobs available are finding the USGMA program the very thing they need to give them that extra edge over others in the business.
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