As teaching professionals, we must continue to learn.  We have to better our skills and possess the desire to learn more.  There are many ways to learn:  Read books written by the top teachers, visit with other teaching professionals (at events like the USGTF’s US Cup), and take lessons. By taking lessons from accredited teachers, it will help you learn to communicate with your students better.  We have all had lessons when the student didn’t understand what we were trying to convey.  This didn’t mean we didn’t know what we were talking about, but it meant we weren’t communicating properly with this particular student.  Listening to other teachers describe a problem or how to perform a certain drill helps you learn other ways to speak with your students. This spring, we had a teaching professional move into a local country club.  His bio was very impressive.  I called and scheduled a lesson with him.  At the time of our lesson, he told me he was shocked that I called him for advice.  We talked awhile about the passion for learning, which provided a great opportunity to discuss ideas about teaching styles, techniques, swings, theories . . . the list goes on.  Our 30-minute lesson turned into two hours of great conversation and also turned in a good friendship. Don’t be afraid to learn from any available avenues.  When taking a lesson from another teaching professional, ask questions, stir up conversation, and listen.  By growing this listening and clear-communication skill set, your students will see a difference and your business will grow.
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