They are everywhere these days and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. GPS yardage devices are common among the crowd I play with, and it has helped speed up the overall time of our weekly round. No more hunting for the nearest sprinkler head or pacing off from the 150 post; just push a button or read a meter, then select a club. Our high school golf association allows devices in matches and tournaments as long at they give distance only. It has definitely sped up play, in my opinion. In a time when just about everyone in the golf industry is lamenting slow play, maybe it is time to relax the rules against such devices. The USGA and PGA Tour do not allow yardage devices in any of their championships. On contemplation, I fail to understand their reasoning. After all, players can use yardage books that give every detail of a hole with distance to hazards, bunkers, greens, or pins. How many times have we seen golfer and caddie behind the ball going over their notes incessantly before their 10 to 15 practice swings? The rule makers have allowed innovation in equipment and balls throughout history to make the game easier. Why not just go another step and allow caddies to carry GPS devices? It would eliminate the need for pencils and paper and save a few trees in the process. They might play faster, too!
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