K-PLAYER, the new biofeedback coaching and training wearable technology product from K-MOTION Interactive, is about to change the golf world forever. It makes coaching golf athletes easier, accelerates student learning and delivers a positive economic return. How does it work? Two sensors link the player to the software. The PLAYER then trains with a real-time avatar that uses dynamic visual training and auditory cues. The combination of visual and auditory feedback enables the coach to teach better and to teach faster. It’s also a lot of fun to use. The product can be used in supervised, lightly supervised and unsupervised lessons; in addition, it can be taught in both individual and group settings. And it can be used virtually anywhere, ranging from at-home to the lesson tee on the golf course. The product is brand new and getting rave reviews from coaches who work with everyone from 6-year-old beginners to U.S. Open winners. And that’s what’s great about it for a coach: You can use it all day long, in every lesson, with students of any ability. If we sound excited, that’s because we are: It really is a game changer. www.K-VEST.com
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