A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of playing in a charity scramble with some local business owners. All three members of our team were 10-15 handicappers. Most of the time in these events, people ask for advice on their golf swing. After a few holes, two of the golfers asked for me to look at their swings and help them. This went on for a bit, with me giving them some tips to help their games. The other member of the group didn’t ask for any help. He hit a big hook on every shot. His clubface was extremely closed at the top of his swing with an extra-strong grip. But…he aimed right on every shot and played the hook. When I asked him about his game, he told me that the hook was his shot and he played it. He explained he didn’t want to change anything, because most of the time he knew where his ball was going. He had no dreams of being a scratch golfer; he just played what he knew. How many students have we seen consistently hit a slice or hook, but always set up to play a straight shot? I would guess it has to do with a player’s ego, wanting to hit the perfect shot versus playing their natural shot shape. How many players would score better if they had a “go-to shot?” Most of our average students don’t practice enough to hit straight golf shots. As teaching professionals and coaches, we need to teach our students to play their natural shot shape. We also need to teach them to have a “go-to shot.” Under pressure, our students will score much better knowing they have a shot shape to consistently rely on.
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