We recently secured a partnership with MEANDMYPRO, an online reservation, scheduling, marketing and back office system designed specifically to help you grow your business. This system is exclusive for golf instructors and golf academies.  We looked at several online systems and found MEANDMYPRO set itself apart with its unique features and how user-friendly and mobile-friendly it is.

How will it help you grow your business?

Jim Sowerwine, our point of contact with MEANDMYPRO, said he saw an increase in his lesson revenue within the first several days of introducing it to his client base. Summarizing… he said your clients can now schedule a lesson with you 24/7 (and easily on their mobile phone if they’d like); the system provides you a platform to stay in front of your students (a professional way to market yourself and your services); you can easily set up and promote schools, clinics, programs, packages, specials, etc.; and having the ability to manage your schedule from your mobile phone (from anywhere…) makes your life way easier.  Additionally, using the system and its features portrays a professional business image.

Cost/Fee: MEANDMYPRO’s standard fee is $30/month or $300 if paid in full for the year.  The fee for USGTF members is $25/month or $275 if paid in full for the year.  Please call the office to receive the ‘promo’ code for USGTF members.

*NOTE* For the first 25 members who sign up, MEANDMYPRO is offering 75% off ($7.50 / month) for the first year.

Message from Jim – “Keep in mind, generating one additional private lesson (per month) more than covers the monthly fee.  You will achieve that the first day you introduce it to your students.  I assure you; you won’t look back once you start using the system.  I was initially on the fence with even using an online system because I felt my old way of penciling lessons into my planner was working just fine.  Within a couple of weeks of using it, I realized I was totally missing out..  Bottom line, using the system will increase your revenue and make your life easier; and it provides you features and tools to do things you simply are unable to without it.

During the past couple of years, and as a result of being involved with the company, I have signed up with and tried out just about every online system available on the market, and I can tell you that every system I have tried has the same ‘generic’ look and feel to them; and I felt like I needed to be a computer programmer to navigate around and set things up.  There were a few systems that did have some interesting features, but again, unless you are techy, they’re challenging to deal with.  I personally feel it’s more important for the system to be user-friendly for both the instructors and their students.  MEANDMYPRO’s primary objective with their design, has been to develop a user-friendly interface with features specific for golf instruction.  My friends and colleagues, who use (were using) other systems, can’t believe how much more mobile-friendly MEANDMYPRO is, relative to what they were dealing with prior.  And I can tell you… being able to easily manage my  schedule from my phone is huge.

Additionally, I will be offering online demos/webinars to answer any questions you may have, help you get things set up efficiently, and offer ideas you may want to consider when setting up your products, appointment types, packages, schools, clinics, etc… I have personally been using the system for about 2 ½ years so I’ll share with you the things I’ve learned along with ideas for how to best utilize the system’s features to help you grow your business and instructional revenue; and I assure you, you will.  I’ll also share with you some marketing ideas I’ve found successful during the past 29 years that I’ve teaching/coaching… and still learning.

  How to get started:

Sign up is on www.meandmypro.com.  There are tutorial videos (located within FAQs) to help you throughout the process of getting started and setting things up.

How do my students get set up to access my schedule?

Two options:

(Note) Be sure to tell them, once prompted, to select the golf facility where you are located, as that is where they will find your site.  Signing up is basic: name, email, password, and selecting your golf facility.  The system then sends them an email to verify it’s their email address, and then one click later, they’re looking at your site, have access to your schedule and other products, specials, programs, etc. that you offer.
  • You may register (sign up) students yourself. This feature is located within your ‘Address Book’ on your site, just click on ‘Sign Up’ (near the top of the page) and follow the bouncing ball.  Once you have registered them, they will then receive an email from MEANDMYPRO, notifying them that ‘you’ have personally signed them up; and they will directed to your site through the same process mentioned above.  This is the easiest way to sign up new clients; but if you have many clients in your database, I’d suggest option 1.

  Additional information about MEANDMYPRO: MEANDMYPRO is relatively new to North America; however, when it was introduced to the market in Germany, 9 years ago, it did not take long before it took over the market share (of online booking systems for golf instructors) due to its intuitive and user-friendly design.

The system has been developed by ‘Netzkern AG’, one of the largest (ranked top 50 in Germany) and most successful software companies in Germany.  By the way, they are also shareholders in the company.

  • Top 50 full-service digital agency
  • 100 employees from more than 15 nations.
  • 30,000+ days experience with Sitecore projects
  • Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner, Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner, Mongo DB Partner, Kentico Gold Partner, Google-Partner
  • “Top-Employer, 2018” in FOCUS-Business magazine and #1 in the employer-ranking of the internet industry in Germany

Some background on Jim Sowerwine: Jim has been teaching/coaching for 29 years.  He’s held instructional positions in most of the sectors in our industry.  Jim was Director of Instruction for the ‘Rick Smith Golf Academy in Naples (10 years). He also was a lead instructor for the ‘Nicklaus-Flick Golf Schools, and has held teaching positions at resorts, public facilities and private facilities. Currently, (7 years) he has been the Director of Instruction at Pelican’s Nest GC, a private facility in Bonita Springs, FL.

Times and dates for the online demos/webinars will be sent out to you shortly.  In the meantime, if you have any questions prior, you may contact Jim at jim.sowerwine@meandmypro.com.