I have been teaching, or more appropriately, coaching people in several sports since I was 16. I got the golfing bug in 2002, but at that time, I didn’t have a coach who made me feel like playing like a happy, free kid with a twinkle in my eyes – and that’s the way I coach people! As a result, I started the WGTF education program in the Netherlands in 2006 with Thomas T Wartell, Edward Verstraten and Leo van Bennekom, and now I have been a very happy and independent professional since 2007.  I think it is very important to invest in yourself and keep on learning and developing your mental and technical aspects by attending seminars, playing in competition, reading books, and engaging in experiences by yourself! I do this because I want to know how to mesh better with my clients and affect them in a positive way, so they can learn and let free what is inside – the natural movement suited to that person with the right information – so that they say, “Aha, that’s what you mean!”  I want to keep it simple, natural, and fitted in a way they feel, see, understand and trust! By Els Van Hoeckel
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