Most people have heard the story about the “anonymous” survey that Sports Illustrated covered with some PGA Tour players. For those of you who haven’t, one of the questions asked to name the most overrated player on the PGA Tour. The top two players on the vote were Ricky Fowler and Ian Poulter. The results of the survey came out the Monday of the week prior to The Players championship. The media, being the media, took advantage of the situation and directed their questions on the topic to Fowler and Poulter. Of course, they also made sure to get input from the other players, as well. One reporter asked Fowler if he would use the results of the survey as motivation. Fowler said that he would, especially during the late holes of the tournament. Most of us watched on Sunday and saw Fowler make an unbelievable run on the back nine. He eventually won the tournament in a playoff. During his interview after the round, he again referenced turning the negative comments into motivation. All our students are motivated by something. It could be to beat a buddy, win the club championship, or to make it on the tour. As golf teaching professionals, we need to make sure we are asking our students what motivates them. Then in turn, use this information to help push them to achieving their goals.
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