Our golf course just added a foot golf layout. For those unfamiliar with this new sport, an individual uses a soccer ball and kicks it down the fairway to a hole about the size of the top of a 55-gallon drum. There are flags in the hole so one knows where the hole ends. Each hole, like with a golf course, is different in length and weaves around trees and hazards. The purpose is to increase revenue and provide a fun outdoor activity to active people. Just like golf, you can play individually or in groups. Based on my observation thus far, it does not require a lot of skill, just a strong foot. The real question is what is the overall purpose of this activity? Was it designed to expose more people to golf with the hope of creating new golfers, or to add more money into the course coffers? I suspect both, but money will most likely win out. No question we need more golfers, but I’m not sure this will be the answer. I say this based on my own experience and that of some savvy young people in a recent golf camp I conducted. For me, it was pretty dull. Not a lot of excitement. About the equivalent of skipping rocks on a lake. At my Christmas golf camp, I earmarked one afternoon for all the kids to play a round of foot golf. Ages ranged from 6 to 11. When asked if they liked it, the overwhelming response was “it was okay.” Not a ringing endorsement. Where it will lead, no one can really say.
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