By Wayne Player, USGTF Member, Tequesta, Florida

Firstly, if you continue to do what you’ve always done, then you will continue to get the results you’ve always gotten. Change is the price of survival, without question. One must focus on athletic fundamentals around power, balance and repetition.

My personal experience as a professional golfer and son of a golfing legend, Gary Player, led me to create a more simplified approach to the game in The Player Approach. I have had more access to golf gurus, legends and sports psychologists than maybe anyone. You name them, and I spent my dad’s money there as a young man. There are so many golfing teacher gurus out there that the golf world seems to be inundated with a bunch of instructional malarkey. So, who is the guru of the gurus? I don’t know.

I would urge all of you to believe in a more simplified, four-pronged approach to eliminate paralyses of analysis:

1) a flat front foot/lead  foot, 2) how to become a true front-foot hitter, 3) athleticism, and 4) a positive attitude.

Please see the next page for a greeting for Mr. Brandon Lee, president and CEO of the USGTF.

Dear Mr Lee,

We are all excited in welcoming you as the new owner and president of the USGTF. While Geoff Bryant certainly created an incredible platform and service for golf teachers, we know that you will take the USGTF to great and exciting new horizons. A few of my dad Gary Player’s commandments of life are: There is no substitute for personal contact; everything in business is negotiable except quality, and a promise made is a debt incurred. There is no doubt that Mr Lee is an honorable and good man, and present members of the USGTF should know that they are in great hands going forward.

I personally am looking forward to continue to work closely with you and your USGTF team in bringing new innovative ideas and products that we will offer all the existing members to assist them in becoming better teachers and mentors to their clients. We strongly believe in your leadership and what the USGTF means to the golf teaching industry. Teaching and coaching the game of golf to those interested in learning and improving is a valuable and honorable profession. The game is always a healthy outlet for anyone, and the Player family is well known for valuing a healthy lifestyle and activities. Golf has given much to us, and we are pleased to see the USGTF giving so much to the game. Again, we look forward to working with you and wish you the best moving forward.


Wayne Gary Player
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