Request your free “Golf Business” website speed test and evaluation! As a member benefit, we have made arrangements with Weaver Enterprises Business Services to provide one free “Golf Business” related website speedtest and evaluation for any USGTF or WGTF member who desires this free service. We realize that there are elements to your golf business that go beyond being a golf teaching or coaching professional. In order to stay ahead of your competition in your business, you need to place yourself on the cutting edge of technology in how you present your business services to potential clients/customers. A vital element of this is to be certain that your website is professional not only in appearance but in function, as well.

In light of a recent algorithm change by Google, website load speed time has become more important than ever. Mobile devices now outnumber desktop, and Google is giving higher web rank status to sites that are optimized for mobile devices and have rapid site loading.

All you have to do to receive this free speed-test and evaluation report is to follow the link below. You will be directed to a form that will require your USGTF member number, so be sure and have that available when you submit your request. Once the request is submitted, you should receive your evaluation report within 72 hours.

Your evaluation report will include recommendations as to how you can rectify any factors that might be affecting your website speed, mobile optimization and overall function. In the event that the report indicates that adjustments/corrections need to be made for your site, you can then develop an action plan. That plan can be to make the adjustments/corrections yourself, have your website administrator handle it for you, or Weaver Enterprises can provide you with a quote for completing the necessary tasks.

Please Click Here for Your Free Speed Test

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