By Rafael Conde, Director, USGTF-Mexico

During 2022, the golf business in Mexico is slowly getting back to its usual activity as COVID-19 is more under control. With this situation, some requests for certification courses and teaching lessons are also gaining interest.

The USGTF golf teaching method is highly appreciated by golfers in the country, since it is recognized as a reliable method for improving players’ golfing skills and their understanding of the game.  As recommended by the USGTF, we, as teaching professionals, must understand our clients.

It has been also very helpful to pursue our certification courses for caddies, since it is of vital importance for them to have a clear understanding of what is considered excellent caddying work. It is vital that they have the correct information. Since this population has been neglected for many years in Mexico, we have been actively promoting with golf club managers the importance of having properly trained and certified caddies. Here, the club managers are contributing with half of the cost of the course and the other half is covered by the caddie. During this year, we have conducted two certification courses for caddies, one with 50 people and other with 45. These courses are conducted during two consecutive days.

For the balance of this year, we expect to conduct one Level 3 certification course. Now that the COVID-19 crisis is possibly under control, we expect to have a better 2023.

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