By Camille Paris

The presence of technology is rapidly increasing across golf courses in Spain, marking a significant shift in the country’s golfing landscape. With 30 golf clubs already equipped with Toptracer technology, and more poised to follow suit, Spain is renowned as Europe’s premier tourist destination with over 100 million visitors last year (according to Statista).

This technological advancement not only enhances the business potential for clubs, but also distinguishes them from competitors, attracting new enthusiasts to the sport. Traditionally, tourist golfers prefer spending their time playing 18 holes under the Spanish sun. Despite the increasing familiarity with technology such as GPS on buggies, driving ranges habits have remained somewhat conventional in comparison.

Las Colinas Golf Club is spearheading efforts to infuse technology into the driving range experience, introducing new technology to offer novel training experiences, classes and socializing opportunities with friends. The club has innovatively introduced a “Foodie Golf Experience,” inviting golfers to enjoy evenings of golf games paired with delectable dining and drinks, redefining the European conventional notion of golfing entertainment.

Technology is making golf teaching evolve, and we can’t ignore it. However, despite the benefits that technology brings, it’s essential to acknowledge its limitations. While screens may provide a wealth of information and interactivity, they can also overwhelm kids, detracting from the simplicity and joy of spending time outdoors.

In navigating the role of screen technology in golf instruction, it’s crucial to exercise moderation. Screens should be viewed as a supplementary tool rather than a replacement for traditional teaching methods. As instructors, we must prioritize the holistic development of our students, leveraging technology judiciously to enrich their learning journey.
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