I just got back from the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, and I wanted to share with all USGTF members something that I think will be very important for 2013 and beyond.  As we all know, technology has been creeping more and more into our industry, and this year I think we have totally crossed the over the proverbial hump into the future.  For those of you who are not using smartphones or tablets or your computer as tools, you need to get on board, because almost all technology platforms are going this route. As part of my annual quest, I found many useful products, but by far the most impressive category was the wireless attachments to clubs that communicate data to a tablet or smartphone.  The devices that work with Bluetooth technology can greatly enhance any instructor’s program.  These devices talk to your phone, transmitting data on clubhead movements, speed, face angle, swing positions, and everything you can imagine!  Best of all, the data can be viewed as a three-dimensional image on your smartphone or tablet to show your students what they are doing in the swing.  The software also provides a practice program to improve poor positions or swing issues.  Almost all products I looked at sold at retail for under $199. Funny story: There was a teaching professional (non-USGTF) who had not embraced technology, and told a salesperson after seeing the new technology, “What are my students going to need me for?”  I looked at the person and said, “You have to be kidding, right?  This device will get you more lessons and make you a better teacher, because our students don’t know how to teach golf!” So, if you are reading this and you are one of the few that are not paying attention to computers, smartphones, tablets and social media, my suggestion is to get on board before the ship leaves the port completely and you are left standing on the docks with no students. By USGTF Master Teaching Professional Arlen Bento, Jr. Arlen Bento, Jr. is a USGTF Master Teaching Professional, golf coach and golf business owner living in Jensen Beach, Florida. Arlen can be reached via his website at www.abjgolfsales.com or via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/#!/arlenbentojr.
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