Camron swing sequence down the line in hitting booth Photo by proforgedAll athletes seek consistency, especially golfers.  And, all golfers will tell you that consistency in their game is a fleeting thing.  However, one of the best ways to improve consistency is to employ a pre-shot routine. A pre-shot routine is a sequence of repeated actions which readies the mind and body for the upcoming shot.  A pre-shot routine has many important features which promote consistency. First, it helps relax the golfer, because during this routine, the golfer takes a couple of deep, relaxing breaths.  Relaxation promotes a consistent, rhythmic swing. Second, a pre-shot routine helps with concentration.  Once the pre-shot routine starts, the golfer focuses on only one thing – hitting the golf ball. Third, it builds confidence, because the golfer will use positive visualization at the start of the routine.  A golfer who is focused on the task at hand and who is confident about his abilities will produce consistently good swings. A pre-shot routine can benefit both your students and professionals.  My suggestion to you is find out what works best for you and use it in your pre-shot routine.  For example, try visualizing the ball landing at the desired spot before you hit the shot.  Or, try visualizing yourself on a TV screen making a smooth swing before every shot. The important point I want to stress is get a routine that you feel comfortable with and use this routine before every shot.  Don’t rush your routine in pressure situations.  Keep the same tempo in you routine that you would like in your golf swing.
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